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Excellent work

This had a lot more zest than other cartoon-buddy Flashes, probably because it had more cursing. It also helped it was downright hilarious at times. "What's a douche?" lol

Hmm, well...

I'll give it a 3 for the "WTF!?" factor

Pretty good stuff

It only took 3 years to come true! This was entertaining to watch, and kinda funny that you made it a long time ago and it came true, sorta. What's next? Will Justin's belt have a "wardrobe malfunction" and fall off, much to the delight of his million teen girl fans?

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Ha ha ha, so wrong, yet so fun

I'll bet there's an actualy game in Japan that's something along the lines of this. Those crazy Japanese...

Yeah, anyway, the game interface, graphics, sound, were all good, but the whole idea of the game was silly enough to make this above other games. Good to see something... original, I guess you could say... on Newgrounds.

My top score was 2440. Anyone get higher?

hahaha, lots of fun!

Very entertaining, and now we know some Deutsch! All my friends are going to wonder what I'm saying

Has a lot more potential

But my god it goes so slow! And it sucks you only get to play a small amount of 1 level. This could be really good if you turned up the speed, finished the levels, and maybe add some music. Something subtle but suspenseful

CElion responds:

Only able to play a small amount of 1 level? I dont understand, theres a total of 3 areas at the moment, the 3rd which includes a boss.

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